Poetry Jam Sessions

Poetry Jam Session banner

Come along and make some jam,
Don’t think you can’t cos yes you can,
Ease the hungers with your food,
It’s the oldest form of poetry, dude.

Using any letters from A to Z,
perform your words, all poets undead,
And tell us all what’s in your heart,
What makes you tick, keeps you apart.

Poetry Jam Sessions in your town,
In Creative Ashford’s space – be found,
With hand and body, rhythm, rhyme,
Let’s have ourselves some poetry times.

Come huddle on this latitude,
And express to us your attitude.
GPS your longitude,
It’s the oldest form of poetry, dude.

From November this year, The Creative Collective will be hosting a monthly poetry gathering.  The theme will vary from month to month and the sessions will be facilitated by Robert Graham.

Robert is a gardener who enjoys reading his poetry aloud and listening to and for responses from small audiences, often housed in places in which they find it difficult or impossible to leave.  e enjoys unearthing gems in the most unlikely of places, be it a heart, a home or a community, and is continually surprised, honoured and enhanced by these discoveries.

Robert thinks that expressing poetry in rhythm and often in rhyme stimulates both sides of the brain, allowing a bridging of the great divide between reason and the imagination leading to a greater integration of self and a sense of calm.  The Ancient Greek word from which we derive the word therapy, means to heal or nurse using dance, song music and poetry, is something that he believes brings real healing today; and he celebrates times when we do this.

Robert is always happy to help with any questions about a Poetry Jam Session and welcomes any contributions both on the night and to help build your Poetry Jam Sessions here in Ashford into a regular platform.

The Poetry Jam sessions start on the 11th November from 6:30pm to 8:30pm, and will take place every month so come and join us for an adventure, with live music at times, and help us shape this amazing project. There are no rules to our sessions other than the respect for other individuals and their heartfelt emotions poured over black on white.

We look forward to hearing your poems.  The Team

Logo designed by young artist Milan Limbu

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