A Perspective by a Young Artist – ‘Weaselspit’

The Creative Collective is proud to work with a number of young artists in Ashford.  We wanted you to hear some of their stories and have asked them to be our guest bloggers, under the banner of Perspectives, over the next few months.

Weaselspit is a young artist exhibiting at The Creative Collective.  Pursuing a creative career is difficult enough for anyone but even more so for young artists because most can’t make a living from it and feel forced to take on jobs that have nothing to do with art or creativity to be able to pursue their passion.  Good quality art materials being so expensive, and the lack of inexpensive studio space doesn’t make things easier for them.  The Gallery is here to support these young artists and we do all we can to provide them with a place to work from and give them some of the materials they need to produce their work. We rely on the kindness of the public to keep providing this space and materials and always appreciate donations of art materials and sponsorship to help their career so contact us by telephone or email if you can help with anything.  We do appreciate the support we receive and are grateful for any help you can provide.

So here’s her Perspective. Continue reading

Celebrating Creative Ashford

ArtiGras @Centre for Creativity and EnterpriseBefore organising a festival, I never thought about the work that goes into it.  Last year’s Ashford Festival of Arts and Technology was an eye opener. For those who have never organised one, let me tell you that it is work that requires military precision and nerves of steel.  But we learnt a lot and I’m really glad we chose to do it.  The festival was a first, and despite not having done much promotion because of lack of enough organisers, funding and time, we managed to attract hundreds of visitors and have lots and lots of fun in the process.

So we decided to do more of them this year and the first one coming your way is ArtiGras which will take place on the 16th and 17th May in Ashford High Street.  Because we love Ashford and think it deserves the baddest festival ever, we’re throwing the biggest and best one ever yet.  But we can’t do this without you of course, residents of Ashford, community organisations, businesses and supporters.  There are already 20 or so stalls booked, amazing bands and performers on board, and lots of guys and gals making lots of amazing things to brighten the street. Continue reading