From Friday 4th December to Saturday 12th December, the gallery welcomes you to “VISIONS”, an exhibition of modern paintings by two local artists, Jennifer Hedley – Mixed Media Artist – and Glynis Thomson, Fine artist and print-maker.

The title “VISIONS” can conjure many avenues of thought, from an idea, perhaps, of suspended belief, or a notion that we all see things differently and even a thought that there might be something unworldly in our sights but irrespective of your own understanding of the word, ‘VISION’ refers to that all important sense of sight and our hope is that your viewing of their paintings will offer a feast for your eyes.

Glynis and Jennifer take pleasure in presenting you with a variety of subjects in this work, each executed in our individual styles of painting, which differ quite markedly from each other. What the paintings have in common is a rich and lively pallet, an exciting range of marks and textures and layers of vibrant images, combined to take you on an imaginative journey.

A clear Eastern influence can be seen in the colourful work of Jennifer Hedley, which reflects on her personal experience of studying in Bangalore, India and conveys a spiritual message. This influence crosses continents and oceans and is also evident in the artist’s landscape work and portraiture. The paintings move emotionally between joy and uncertainty.

Glynis Thomson describes her style of painting as “loosely abstract expressionist” and reflects her take on life and living in current times. The work shows a passion for colour and energetic mark-making and is often concerned with the idea that a life or identity is layered, distorted, fragmented and so not easily seen or understood. These characteristics can also be seen in some of the landscape paintings which recall travels in Australia.

In spite of their differences, the works from both painters sit well together and invite you to enter into a spirit of imaginative adventure when you pursue the narrative that each painting presents.

We hope you will take the time and this opportunity to look carefully at these images enjoy and the work.

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