‘Obedience’ is an exhibition by 21 year old artist, Michal Kamiski who is a resident artist at Bauhaus Cafe & Art Gallery.  This is Michal’s first exhibition and will be showing from the 2nd February to 12th February 2017 in the Cafe.

The theme is close to Michal’s heart as he examines patriarchic society and the role of women in that society, vulnerable and isolated as if on purpose to serve the household and take care of all of her husband’s needs, hence giving up the right to be other than a mother and the keeper of the house.  As a result she has no sexuality, no human rights and no face, and is merely an extension of the man in her life, serving him faithfully and surrendering to all of his wishes.

Join Michal for the Private Viewing of his work on 9th February from 6pm to 8pm and speak to him about his work. You can find more about Michal’s work HERE.