Sue Chapman ARPS CPAGB

Sue is a Photography and Photoshop addict!!! Not only does she enjoy going out shooting with her camera but she also loves the post processing of her images in Adobe’s Photoshop and she is extremely lucky doing something she loves both as a hobby and as a profession.

Following a scientific career initially, the creative side of Sue’s life took over in 2003 after her daughter was born and since then she has experimented with a number of media ranging from watercolours, acrylics, oils and various mixed media, finally ending up with photography which has, in the main, overtaken everything else! Photographically she loves to shoot almost anything ranging from landscapes, portraiture, still life, nature, architecture, creative montages, and primarily from the work perspective, product shots. She also restores old photographs. This latter area is so rewarding when clients are delighted to see their old images rejuvenated and ready to live on hopefully for a few more decades.

Sue is a current committee member and the ex-Chairman of Ashford Photographic Society, a member of Folkestone camera club and a Kent County Photographic Association Judge which allows her the privilege of seeing and commenting on the work of many other Kent and Sussex Photographers. Needless to say she sees some pretty amazing work which also helps to inspire her with ideas for the future. She too regularly competes in local league competitions along with National and International exhibitions and has won many awards.

Sue’s theory is that once you have mastered the skills with your camera, lighting equipment and whichever software you have chosen, then virtually anything is possible. Enjoy your photography and try out new ideas. Shoot at different angles, experiment with varying depths of field using aperture priority, freeze moving objects with a fast shutter speed, search out new creative filters to use as plug-ins to Photoshop and above all have fun!

For further details about Sue’s work or to contact her directly see her web-site at, email her HERE or call her on 07711 550771.

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