Charlie Sly

Charlie is 17 and has always loved art from such a young age, one might say since she was born. She would spend most of her days drawing whilst the other children would play outside. She also had a very special side of her as she never really understood herself so the only logical way she could think of speaking was through her drawings. It was later discovered the she was borderline autistic, although this never really bothered her. In fact it made it easier for her to draw as she always had a different outlook on the world.

It was only when Charlie turned eleven and began secondary school that she decided she wanted to take her art further. Many people would discourage her daily by telling her that she wouldn’t succeed and that art was not going to make her any money. This didn’t bother her as it was her dream and she had decided to pursue it. Whilst at school she was constantly presented with a paragraph to copy, and a picture to copy.  There was no room for her to grow or even explore the world of art.

A year before her GCSEs Charlie was introduced to Banksy. Normally an artist wouldn’t interest her too much as she felt they were old textbook artists, but Banksy was different,  He showed Charlie that you can overcome boundaries and create whatever you are passionate about.  Banksy even broke the law to prove words with his art. Ever since then he has always been an inspiration to Charlie and she has learned never to never give up on her passion..

After her final year in secondary school,  Charlie applied for a place at the University of Creative Arts.  She was nervous at first as she had never really taken her creativity this far, but eventually warmed up to the idea of a new place. UCA allowed Charlie to grow and develop her skills and it allowed her to find her own style which, to this day, she is working on.  She is experimenting with other styles, and she is very pleased with her own efforts.

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