Laurence Muspratt

Laurence Muspratt is a disorganized polymath.

Over the last few decades Laurence has worked as a sound designer for theatre as well as on sound installations including a sound scenario in a library- sshh!

In this time, in order to pay the rent, he has also worked for IBM specializing in high availability cluster multi processing – think Karpov.

Laurence would wander from show to show with a box full of tape players which were eventually frittered away (stolen) he still has a plastic lobster in the glass cabinet.

More recently Laurence has horrified audiences with his nonsensical Acapella tunes on Open mic nights – this all got a bit out of kilter when attempting Zappa “Turning the water black” for one voice.

Also somewhere in the recent past he was given the opportunity to exhibit a series of forty two A5 mono prints at a shop in Middle Row … “MILK FITTED” – art becomes retail.

“SLEEP FASTER” is not an exercise in perfection – it attempts to detune the deadly intellectualized thought processes that control us.

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