Hannah Petts

Hannah Petts 2Hannah is 18 and will be attending the University of Creative Arts this year.

Hannah considers herself to be a young feminist and her work usually shows her opinions on the socialisation of women, especially how women are portrayed in art. Although she becomes inspired easily and decides to create an image without a meaning, the majority of her work has a hidden meaning or a statement.  She has always been very passionate about the sexualisation of women and how the media have socialised women to be. Her inspiration is Sarah Lucas as she challenges the norm of how women are meant to look/act/feel and gives the shock effect in her work as she shows the female figure in a light people have never seen through art before, which is what Hannah also tries to portray in her work.

But Hannah is not just a feminist.  She always tries to challenge the norm and questions what it is that people expect from art.  She believes not every picture must have a meaning as some of hers don’t, but that the ones that do are the ones that challenge your views and make you question.

Studying art and design for the past three years, Hannah has experimented with all types of mediums to find her signature style and has found that she is a natural painter.  She has noticed a great improvement in her technique recently and has started to paint very thick and heavy, showing brush strokes in the paintings and she loves the look of the work.

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