Esther Mace

Esther MaceEsther Michele Mace is 22 years old and has recently graduated with a BA (Hons) in Visual Art.

By using etching as a media, Esther’s work expresses the destructive process that fears and phobias have on the human psyche. Her work tries to communicate the similarities between historical and contemporary events, and therefore show why we, as a species, have learned to dread certain incidents.

Taking its inspiration from societal fears, Esther’s work for this project contemplates the origins of certain fears by comparing modern, contemporary occurrences with their historical counterparts. These pieces based on illness and war recall events such as the Black Plague and both World Wars.

Esther’s work is bold and expressive, and certainly thought provoking.  The gallery to proud to have Esther as one of our exhibiting young artists.


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