Supporting Young Artists

A group of young people passionate about creativity and the arts are working with The Creative Collective to help launch the career of a number of local young artists.

Ashford and the surrounding areas don’t offer any gallery or space to display art specifically produced by young people so a group of very talented artists and business graduates who have recently finished school, college or graduated from university have decided to take matters into their own hands and organise a number of events to show the public their work.  To help them do that, we have provided them with a platform in the form of an art gallery, the tools, the talents of young photographers, film makers, business graduates and business people to put together a crowdfunding campaign and raise the funds they need to create public events for you all to enjoy.  Now they need your HELP so please read on and support them.

Among the creatives who are aged between 17 and 25 years old, we have a number of amazing artists, photographers and designers and here are some of their pieces for you as a taster of what is to come.  You can read about each of them on our Artists pages as and when they come in.

So if you are passionate about creativity and arts and would like to support local young talent please go to their Crowdfunder page HERE and donate.  They don’t ask for thousands, just a small donation which would mean the world to them and would encourage them to continue their good work.  If you can’t donate, please come and support the first a series of events they are organising at The Creative Collective Art Gallery at 16 Park Mall, Ashford, on 26th September from 6pm to 8pm.  They will all be here to talk to you about their work and have some wine and nibbles to serve you.


Even after their Crowdfunding campaign comes to an end, the young artists would benefit from mentoring, coaching and advice in business, sales and marketing skills so if you would like to offer some of your time to help them, please get in touch.  They would also benefit from donations of art materials, frames for their work, and marketing materials so if have a business and would like to help them in that way, again get in touch with us in the gallery.

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