Park Mall Blogger’s Day – part 1

Much of the success of independent businesses depends on the support they give each other. Park Mall in Ashford is now home to a number of brave creatives who have put their faith in local support and taken up units to promote and sell their beautiful creations.

Here is a lovely blog by Lottie, telling you more about the businesses with a bit of history and some lovely photos. Do come and see for yourselves and support the work we do. Thanks.

lotte jamieson


So, last week the very lovely Kate of Happy & Glorious organised a fantastic blogger’s day around the independent shops of Ashford’s Park Mall. Having kind of abandoned my blog about a year ago (more about the why’s, wherefore’s and what I’ve been up in the meantime soon!) I thought this would be an ideal opportunity to get back in the saddle and kick it off again. Given that I’m a partial resident of one of the Park Mall independents, it seemed even more like the perfect reason to get blogging again – so here we are now, ready to rock n roll and explore the delights of some of my fantastic shop-based neighbours.

handg2 Cards, cake cushions, bathy things, smelly things and very cute and easy to look after plants.

Happy & Glorious
Set up by Kate Thompsett in 2012 to mark the London Olympics and celebrate all things British…

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