Constant shift

Great blog by a very talented young artists. You can see some of her work at The Creative Collective.


At the moment I’m all too aware that I’m in a transitional period. It’s only natural, going from over two years of street art to getting back behind a desk. Everything from materials used to workable surfaces changes, and it’s something that I’m adjusting to, but very gradually.
Don’t get me wrong, there are elements of each school that can be used interchangeably and that’s one of my favourite parts of creativity. What I am finding at the moment however, is that people who like my work often want to see it go in an alternate direction, but the funniest thing is that each person’s response is totally different. For me it is important to take on elements of what people desire – that’s what makes art sellable and if you want to make a profit from what you do then you’d be a fool to refuse. However, it is…

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