Why I love Ashford, Kent

A wonderful and honest blog about Ashford by our friend the talented maker , Melissa. A superb read …

Aye Aye

Victoria Park, Ashford. fountain

I moved here 2 years ago because my boyfriend was born, bred & residing here. I knew little of it other than the outlet, coming here to go shopping 10 years ago and its reputation of being a bit run down. I spent my early pregnancy avoiding my surroundings by losing myself in the sofa with an xbox controller. Then I started to explore this place…

Why I love Ashford:

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One response to “Why I love Ashford, Kent

  1. I am loving your article! 🙂 I felt the same when I moved here. I found a great job at a local cleaning company and a lot of new friends. People are great here and there is definitely a lot to see! 🙂

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