Hidden arty gem in the heart of town

The Centre for Creativity and Enterprise

The Centre for Creativity and Enterprise

In the centre of Ashford, Kent, there is a quaint gallery that houses amazing pieces of art by local artists.

Although it is a little hard to find – placed in the alley way between Mecca Bingo and the Spar -, it is one of two galleries in Ashford and houses over a hundred pieces of art, a number of sculptures, glass and wood carvings.  But it isn’t just a gallery.  The Centre for Creativity and Enterprise – a social enterprise – is also a craft shop which sells items such as dolls, handbags, jewellery, cushions and all sort of lovely crafts by either local makers or produced at the Centre.  It is a business hub and offers help to individuals who are planning to start their own business or are already operating a business.  On offer are workshops, courses and a room to let, advice, networking opportunities and a whole host of services to the community, be it business, creative or anyone needing a helping hand.


The Centre is an important part of the creative community in Ashford and is responsible for organising community events and Festivals.  This year, ArtiGras, a festival of art, will take place on the 16th and 17th May on the lower High Street with treats to completely blow you away. A programme of street art is also planned for our town, painting murals on empty walls involving Ashford schools and community organisations.

Centre for Creativity and Enterprise

The Centre runs workshops and courses in creative disciplines such as painting, drawing, sewing, jewellery making and others; and business workshops for star ups and small businesses needing more direction and guidance.  There are funded places available for those who are unemployed.  But we are just so much more than that. We are a warm and creative place to have your meetings at, we are a group of friendly people who genuinely care about our town and want to help make it a greater place to live, we are a lending hand, a listening ear and a place to come to when you can’t think of anywhere else to go and need some direction, a cup of tea and biscuits and great talent to hang about with.

So, if you are even in town and would like to know what we can do for you, or maybe how you can help us, do pop in and take a look.  To get information and find out more about our work, add us n Facebook HERE, or have a look at our calendar to see our amazing workshops, courses and events.

Hope to see you here.  If not, certainly out there enjoying the festival or helping us paint a mural. Let’s Love Ashford together.

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