Rebels with a Cause

Giving to a good cause need not be a hassle in this technological era.  Yet not enough people engage with the tools on offer because we think it is perhaps not time best used.  With good causes struggling to survive, especially the smaller and more local ones, there are ways to give that reward with special gifts and others that don’t involve money at all.  So why aren’t we signing up to them?

Easyfundraising works with a large number of retailers and businesses and offers the opportunity to donate without spending. All our supporters have to do is shop online through their website, to buy from Amazon, ebay, M & S, Argos, Tescos, Debenhams, Sainsbury’s and many many more, and a percentage of their money will go to the Centre being able to continue the good work we do and spread creativity and arty magic dust all around … so why not find out more or just go shopping now by clicking HERE.  Just don’t forget to choose Joining Hands as your cause.

The crowdfunding platforms offer an opportunity to be rewarded for our donations, at times with really original and unique gifts.  The Joining Hands Crowdpatch Campaign offers handmade items, produced by the craftsmen and women who use the Centre for Creativity and Enterprise.  We deliver festivals each year and do it with the help of an army of volunteers.  Even the performers give their time to come and enjoy the day with the towns folk of Ashford.  This is their ‘giving to a good cause’ and they do it year after year.  We pay that forward by offering them lunches and lots of marketing and promotion through our networks and web presence. We are really grateful to them.  There would be no festivals or fun without them.  This year ArtiGras aims to be the biggest and best festival of its kind in the area; we do need some knitters, crocheters, makers, photographers and artists to come and join us to make it better and bigger.  But we also need a small amount of money to buy materials for the displays and art. So please come and be part of our community and have a lovely lunch on us.  And most of all, please donate donate donate HERE… (and make sure you watch the video) because WE ARE WORTH IT.

A great big thank you from the whole team.

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