PR professional helping handmade win in the high street

I met Emily through social media connections and I was so happy to know that there’s someone out there who’s passionate about creativity and is keen to use her skills to help local makers and artists promote their work. Emily will be delivering a series of workshops at the Centre for Creativity and Enterprise,  the first of which is entitled How to see your products in print. I’ll keep you posted on dates.  In the meantime, here’s what Emily had to say today:

“I’m Emily and I’m a freelance craft journalist and editor. I worked in the craft publishing industry for years and I’ve seen it grow from quite a niche hobby when I first started, to one of the fastest growing industries in the mainstream market. Now it seems everyone is interested in a little piece of craft! In my time I have written about so many different disciplines – name a craft and I’ve probably covered it at some point or another!I have been so excited about the growing craft scene in Ashford which has seemed to have picked up pace over the past year or so as more and more people become aware of the power of handmade. The Centre for Creativity and Enterprise seems to be leading the way and it’s really encouraging to have somewhere in Ashford that is fighting the cause of the small, handmade business. I’ve attended business and marketing workshops there which have been so useful as I venture into the world of self-employment but I know there is the potential for so much more when it comes to empowering small businesses in the community.

There are so many amazingly talented designer-makers in the area and one of my big passions is helping them reach beyond the realm of craft fairs and Etsy and bring craft into the mainstream. People need to know about these businesses! Part of that is helping designer-makers to publicise their goods so, in partnership with CCE, I’m hoping to run workshops on how to get your products featured in magazines and will be getting involved in publicising all the craft goings-on in Ashford and the surrounding areas.

 I hope that one day more people will see the beauty of handmade and opt for buying good quality crafted items rather than the cheap, mass produced products that overwhelm our high street. The only way this can happen is through raising the profile of small, independent businesses and making them a success. I can’t wait to be a part of it!”

Emily Davies is a freelance craft editor and journalist with years of experience in craft publishing. She was the editor of Let’s Make Cards & Let’s Get Crafting magazines by the age of 25 and then went on to work in catalogue production for a major craft retailer. She now proofreads and edits craft books and is available to write press releases and consult on how to get your handmade items into the mainstream media. You can read her blog at or follow her on Twitter @emilydavies85.

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