A Festival is brewing

An awesome festival is brewing in Ashford, Kent and you can be a part of it. It is taking over the High Street from 10am on Friday the 16th May to 6pm on Saturday 17th May, with a small break for dinner, sleep and breakfast of course.

So what is the festival about, you ask?  Well, it seems there is a large group of creatives hiding in all corners of Ashford.  Some are more boisterous and visible than others, and some just go about creating wonderful and amazing art and crafts and, on occasion, if we are lucky, we may get a glimpse of them. Well, this festival is looking for both types of creatives to make their mark on Ashford, and the planet altogether, by displaying, and most certainly selling, those wonderful creations. Yes, home made with love may be a little more expensive than the mass produced goods we purchase in town from time to time but someone put their heart and soul into making it, looked at it and thought ‘I made this’ and you buy a piece of that love, of their soul, not just a product.

ArtiGras will happen on Ashford High Street; there will be stalls selling handmade locally produced arts and crafts; live music; a display of street art, and colourful displays of yarn.  We have a few surprises in store, and what would a festival be without surprises, but we assure you that for two whole days you will be dazzled, amazed, awestruck, astounded, bewildered, stunned and flabbergasted …

If you are a crafter, artist or maker, we need you to take up space at one of our many stalls; if you are a musician, we would love to hear your sound; if you are a performer, come and show us what you can do to wow our town; if you are a local and would like to help, come and volunteer with us and get a free lunch and drinks; if you work at a school, get the children and young people involved in making colourful art and creatures of the forest; and finally, if you are a local business, come and support us by offering sponsorship for workshops and be immortalised on our wall of fame.  In return, we will give you corporate branded products to display in your office. All pieces of craft will be donated to a good cause after a festival.

So put the 16th and 17th May in your diary and come and join us, and a team of creators, performers, festival lovers and volunteers and have fun, dance, sing and be happy. Let’s bring back the spirit of community, and let’s make art together.

To find out more or keep up to date with the acts who will be joining us, add us on Facebook.

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