The Art of Astrology

I had a really interesting session with Pauline a couple of weeks ago and thought I’d let her be my guest blogger this week and let her tell you who she is and what she will be bringing to the Centre from January, so here in her own words:

“I grew up in the Arabian Desert under spectacular night skies where it seemed you only had to reach out to touch the stars. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why I was drawn to astrology. The other is an American astrologer who became a life-long friend and who began to teach me about the Zodiac, the Planets and Horoscope Houses.

In 1987 I experienced a traumatic period in my personal life. I turned to astrology for guidance and to help me understand my situation so I could make the best of it. As I was living in London, I was able to attend regular classes held by the Faculty of Astrological Studies. After 5 years of study and a series of tough exams in the history, astronomical calculation, philosophy and interpretation of astrology, I gained my diploma and began to read birth charts professionally.

I also trained in a series of complementary therapies including massage, aromatherapy and reflexology. Although I don’t practice anymore, I believe that my years working as a therapist have contributed to my ability as an astrologer to read for people with sensitivity and insight.

THE ART OF READING A BIRTH CHART is to offer a fascinating and empowering experience. The client should leave their personal reading with a much stronger sense of who they truly are, what they have to work with and how they can choose to express their full potential. A BIRTH CHART READING can give advice and guidance on many areas of your life: personal, professional, family, partnerships, material, spiritual, health and wealth to name but a few.

As the planets continue along their orbits, they trigger planetary positions in your birth chart, creating energy that manifests as major events in your life. AN ASTROLOGICAL FORECAST can help you use the energy of the moving planets to your best possible advantage. It can also help you prepare for life’s roller-coaster moments!

I also offer Tarot, Angel and Oracle readings in partnership with BARBARA PATERSON, a very gifted reader who is planning to run a series of workshops and courses in Tarot interpretation.

NEW FOR 2014! From Saturday 18th January, Barbara and I will be offering 30 minute readings at the Centre for Creativity and Enterprise on Saturdays from 10.30am onwards”.

To find out more about the readings email or just pop in.

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